Four Nights by Faizan Ahmed Episode 1

Four Nights
Episode 1:

Writer: Faizan Ahmed

It was about three o’clock in the night when he woke up with a feel that someone is grabbing one of his legs, holding it close to ankle.
Waking up from a sudden sleep before He could fully understand this situation, He started to be dragged. Holding his leg near the ankle the unseen power was badly dragging him on the floor that his back was rubbing against the ground.

He started to scream loudly and while tried to hold every possible thing near him to stop himself but no luck. All of this was so sudden that he could not handle the situation and injured his hand in an attempt to catch the edge of the bed.

He was constantly being pulled from the leg and dragged towards the door, while in this Dim light of night bulb not able to see and understand who it was to drag him.

He approached the door in a lying position with his hand held by someone unseen with a tight grip. He was able to see the darkness outside when the door opened itself making him his way out of the room. He could see his death clearly in this situation.

He approached the door in this position when the distance from the bed to the door would be ten feet and in this ten foot journey He attempt to hold everything possible while in an attempt to hold the corner of bed he injured his hand. He tried and tried to restrain himself. He could not see what he was and how he existed, but his grip was so strong that it was almost impossible for him to break his leg from the grip.

“Sasha, wake up sashaaaaa, help meeeeeeeeee, sashaaaa” screaming constantly he was addressing his wife but strangely she was sleeping unaware of all of this. Aamish’s voice was so loud and frightening that people from much long distance could have heard him but His wife and daughter sleeping in same room was not moving an inch was quite shocking.

With His whole struggle in restraining himself grabbed out of room he was able to stuck at the door when he held his legs and chest in between door and wall in a way that he was lying with holding door from hands and blocking himself while hugging the wall. He was in such a position that half of the body outside the door of the room. One foot in the grasp of this very existence and second leg was folded with fear that it would fall into this unknown thing’s hand. He did not stop screaming and asking help from family but no luck. It was then suddenly he felt that his leg was loosen away.

Pulling His foot back in room  when He realized he was free, He immediately dragged his whole being into the room and closed the door. Sasha and Hamna still was sleeping ignorant of all this happening. His heart was beating at a steady pace and it seemed as if His heart would explode . As He closed the door to the effect of this fear, He fell to the ground again next to door and not sure when got to sleep in this position.

It was early morning that the light from the window in the room was shining, and the chattering of birds heard from the lawn outside, opened his eyes. He found himself lying on bed.

As per the normal routine he tried to get up of bed to go to the bathroom when He felt itching and badly pain on his waist and a lot of body parts.


He stopped for a moment and shake his head to remember what really was happened. And the last night incident pop up in his mind and eyes.

“Oh what was that” Aamish asked to himself while it reminded the whole thing

“But how do I get back to my bed and when” Examining the things around in the room looked at the bedsheet and it was all quite normal that made him even more surprised

He ran to the bathroom and took off His shirt in front of mirror. “What the hell” he surprised to see the wounds and red signs appearing in result of ground rub.

Looked his back from every inch and with every sign he had his eyes spreading.

He lifted the trousers’ hem to take a look at toe where the red marks shocked him, a clear sign of some strange thing fingers that grabbed it.

Feeling the pain on right hand when he checked his wrist, even more shocked that the cut wound and scratch he got from bed was there.

With all these signs, His attention went to the other side, the room, it was quite fine and normal.

“What is that, I have dints and the room is quite ok” He asked himself.

So was it a dream? If It was a dream, how come the marks appearing on my body?

Aamish mind was completely blank and He was unable to understand it all. How long have He  been looking at mirror and thinking about all these things?

“Aamish, what happened Aamish” Because of  Sasha’s voice He came out of the  thoughts.
“Yeah Sasha, what happened? ” he asked from bathroom?

” What happened to you in the washroom so long? I’ve been waiting for the last twenty minutes, is everything OK? “Sasha’s voice came over and and shocked him when he quickly started wearing the shirt.

Aamish kept Sasha unaware of unusual things happening to him for few days but some of the things were happening and came in everyone’s notice such as, disappearance of kitchen stuff when needed and not found anywhere while found back on their places.

However these disappearance of little things are understandable that it could be one’s mistake of keeping somewhere and forget but what today happened with Aamish was truly surprising and unbelievable.


to be Continued..

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